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I'm Natalia

Founder of Neige Studio, latina designer, plant lady and tarot lover

I founded Neige because for a while I HATED designing. Yup, I was really done with it. For some time I put myself apart from the equation and that gave me the opportunity to think why I was really doing this and pursuing this career.


So, after a lot of meditation and probably tons of ugly crying, I realise that the problem was not design but the fact that I was not focusing in what I enjoyed. 

In that moment I decided to use all my abilities in design to create and help brands to be their best version based in intuition and a clear established personality and story.

Get to know me
a little more

Design and brands are all about connection, so for me, is really important to get to know my clients and for them to know me and create a perfect match for this creative process.

So here are some other facts about me:




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