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La Maga

One Week Branding

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How it works?

La Maga is a ONE week branding development. We book 7 days for you and your brand so we get it where it needs to be. 

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are you?

This is the first question we ask when we start any branding project. Brands are like people. They have their own personality, way of talking and expressing themselves. 

With the La Maga Program, we focus in getting to know the brand, so every visual element follows a specific narrative. Also this helps the design and strategy process to be smooth and clear.

Your Brand in 3 Steps

Client Questionare


Discovery Zoom Call - 40 min max

2 Brand Style Proposal:

-2 Archetype Development 

-2 Visual Proposals (Moodboard, color palette, logo style proposal, graphic elements, photography style (if applicable)

Duration | Day 1 to Day 2

3 game changers of La Maga

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