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Loving Birth

Since ancient times there have been women helping other women and exchanging the wisdom of experience. Feminine energy is found, embraced, guided and empowered. Loving Birth celebrates the complicity between women, especially in one of the most intimate, vulnerable and magical moments a woman gets to live, giving birth.

The archetype of this brand is The Nurturer, an energy focused on the magic of creation and giving birth. Through her love of nature and respect for the timing of a woman's body and rhythms, this embodiment of Loving Birth focuses on being gentle and an essential element in a woman's support system at this important point in her life. As a representation of Mother Nature that lives in every woman, this energy empowers and guides you. It focuses on helping you to know yourself and connect with your higher self to understand your inner power.The Nurturer is gentle, soft spoken and someone who enjoys sharing her wisdom with others.

For the development of the icon, inspiration was taken from birds and the creation of nests. Like birds, women go through this process to make their little ones feel safe and loved.

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